Internship Report by Susmriti Shrestha, student at Master of Science in Globalisation and Sustainable Development, Norwegian University of Science and Technology | Student internship at Resource Governance in Asia Pacific, Research Centre for Politics and Government, Universitas Gadjah Mada, August-November 2019

This report discusses whether tourism is the ultimate option for escaping from mining economic in resource-rich countries like Indonesia. Drawing on the case of Belitung District, this report aims to see whether tourism might or might not provide a sustainable, alternative option of development for Belitung in the context of the declining mining industry and the economic slowdown. Understanding on globalization and sustainable development is significant to support answering such questions, as sustainability can sometimes be ambiguous and difficult to define. The report attempts to acknowledge the numerous understanding on sustainability by putting forward some undisputable aspects of it, such as long environment protection and long-term economic benefit. While the potential benefit from FDIs is increasingly important in the infrastructural development for the tourism sector in Belitung, this report suggests that such massive investment should create justified benefits to the locals and contribute to poverty reduction.

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