“The four months I spent in Trondheim and NTNU have been a life-changing experience.

During the semester exchange I did at NTNU, I enrolled in thought-provoking classes where the lecturers challenge students to be critical towards the core ideas of aid, development, project planning and management of natural resources. It was interesting to see how politics around natural resources are seen through the Norwegian lens and how classmates who came from all over the world debated and presented their arguments on sustainability.

To fill my days beyond academic activities, I joined an NGO called ReStore where we collect used furniture that we’ll give away to people who need them. I got to drive giant vans around the city to collect donations and make a carbon footprint report for our activities. I also got to arrange a winter cabin trip and a day trip to Røros for the organisation. The experience was a challenge in language and learning how to be a team player with people from very different backgrounds.

It is thanks to the CitRes-Edu scholarship, NTNU and all the lovely people in Norway that I got to experience a lot of new things and made international friends who showed me the beauty of leaping beyond cultural barriers.”

Tane Hadiyantono is a student of the Master of International Relations – Digital Transformation and Competitiveness program in Universitas Gadjah Mada. She joined one-semester master student exchange at NTNU during Autumn semester 2023. Her research interest lies around the topic of digital transformation, development aid and natural resources management.