“By being in Norway, I learned quite a surprising lot about myself. Staying independently and away from home helped me know my self and my limit better, which are valuable not only for my future trajectories as a researcher but also for me developing my take in the mid of a community where I live. I treasured all memories and emotions I experienced during my stay; an excitement of contributing in classes and group works, a solitude of staying late at the library, a composure of an endless city strolling, a secureness from what the city provides, a mundane of countless laundries and grocery shoppings, and every bit of pressure of regaining my sense of self, all that is wrapped beautifully with the warmth of people I met and breathtaking nature all over the country. I had an opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge on the way resources are governed in Norway, Indonesia, and in the other side of the world which made me question what I’ve been believing: looking at different realities in diverse spatial and temporal contexts brought me to different questions and equipped me with distinct approaches to the point that I found myself ended up with variety of answers! All combined, these experiences are what myself were made out of in Trondheim—something that stick around upon my travel back to Indonesia.”

Tadzkia Nurshafira was a master student in the Politics and Government, Universitas Gadjah Mada. She joined one-semester master student exchange at NTNU during Spring semester 2021.