“My exchange period in Indonesia was an incredibly rewarding experience, giving me a lot of memories for life. Not only did I learn a great deal about Indonesian language, people and the culture, but I made new friends giving me incredible experiences that I never thought I would get. Based in Yogyakarta, I got valuable insight into my field of study. I had the chance to collaborate with PolGov, a inclusive research group with a lot of highly skilled people. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to join in on field trips and work together in their co-working space.

Most memorable was the field trips to Bojonegoro and Bangka, learning about local natural resource management regarding oil and tin. Also getting the chance to travel around to different places in the country, gave me new important insights. I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and stay in Indonesia, gaining new friends and cultural impulses, in addition to getting a broader understanding of my field of study.”

Sebastian Brattebø Kronbäck was a student in Geography with Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He joined the student mobility program to UGM for data collection of his master thesis writing (August-November 2022).