“I had a great experience living in Trondheim-Norway and studying at NTNU in the autumn 2022 semester. I chose to apply for the CitRes-Edu exchange program because I wanted to try studying abroad, although at first I wasn’t sure about the courses offered since it didn’t seem related to my major. I’m grateful to have taken it anyway because that one semester experience gave me new insights and perspectives to see the world. In several courses, I got chances to have outdoor class activities, like fieldtrip and seminars. It was very interesting when I could see wind power farms and salmon farms directly thanks to the fieldtrip. Besides, Trondheim has so many events to experience and breathtaking landscapes to see which I couldn’t be able to find in a tropical country like Indonesia. I am very grateful for everyone I met and everything that happened during that time.”

Pronika Kricella was a student in Master in remote sensing, Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada. She joined one-semester master student exchange at NTNU during Autumn semester 2022.