“The memories and experiences I acquired through my intern relationship with the CitRes and PolGov team in Yogyakarta truly holds a special place in my heart. Throughout the span of months, I was blessed with the opportunity to work among highly professional colleagues. Going to the office never felt like a burden, as I quickly came to learn that the people of PolGov everyday offered an inclusive, warm and diverse working environment. The same positive energy can be said to be reflected in the city of Yogyakarta itself. While jammed with traffic and scorching hot at times, the city and its people manifest convincing reasons to live in Jogja. As an intern, I was able to participate in various activities through PolGov, such as an amazing field trip to the beautiful island of Banka Belitung, and partaking in RegINA’s annual course in natural resource governance. For those interested in politics, natural resources governance and sustainability, this is the place to go, as you will be able witness it yourself from the grassroot level. Besides amplifying your skills as a future researcher or professional, living in Indonesia really challenges your perspectives, how things are, and how things can be done. Looking back now, I wished that I could have stayed for a longer period. To those considering the student exchange programme, I recommend you to take a language course, it is really fun and rewarding. Lastly, take advantage of the opportunity once you get it, be ambitious, travel, and make new acquaintances.”

Internship report

Petter Tolnes Ingebrigtsen was a student in MSc Globalization and Sustainable Development, Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Master student mobility to UGM / Intern at Research Centre for Politics and Government (August-December 2019)