“My name is Nora, and I went on exchange in 2019. Some of the highlights from my semester in Yogyakarta were the field trips and the training course because I got to know other master students at UGM as well as many interesting people from different countries in the Asia Pacific. I didn’t know much about Indonesia before I got there, but I learned a lot about the Indonesian language and culture from people in PolGov, my host family, and the language school Wisma Bahasa. I encourage other students to take a language course if they have the opportunity, as it made daily life much easier, and having a basic understanding of the language was useful when we went on field trips and visited different communities in Merapi and Belitung. I am very thankful to everyone who made my exchange so memorable, and I wish I could have stayed longer than four months.”

Nora Iman Hagesæther was a student in MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Society, Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Master student mobility to UGM / Intern at Research Centre for Politics and Government (August-November 2019)