“I’m Nils, a norwegian masterstudent, and I recently spent 4 months doing an internship at PolGov, UGM. It was a great experience serving as a research assistant at PolGov, enabling me to participate in projects on energy transition, carbon capture, and a book-chapter about Bojonegoro’s planned welfare fund. Moreover, we went on fieldwork trips to Bojonegoro to interview local NGOs about regional issues related to the oil and gas sector, and to Banka to talk to locals impacted by the mining industry on the Island.
The internship gave me valuable experience working at a research institution, and key insight into interesting topics – especially energy transition in Indonesia, which I’ve decided to write my master thesis about!
Finally the internship gave me the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Indonesia, which I’m certain I will come back to visit again.”

Nils Oskar Tronrud was a student in MSc Globalization and Sustainable Development, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He joined the internship program at Research Centre for Politics and Government at UGM (August-December 2022).