“The fieldwork in Indonesia was filled with valuable knowledge and lifelong memories with inspirational people. I was based in Yogyakarta where I felt really welcome at the co-working space at PolGov surrounded by great people. For my field studies I was lucky to travel with skilled colleagues from PolGov to Bojonegoro, Belitung and Palangka Raya where I learned a lot about natural resource management from the locals. Of all the memories I carry with me, the field work in Belitung stands out the most. In just a few days on this tiny island, I experienced so much, and I got a totally new understanding about informal mining, palm oil production, conservation and tourism. The overall knowledge I bring with me from the time in Indonesia is to understand the importance of stepping out of the European- and Norwegian bubble and learn about natural resource management from local Indonesian perspectives. I am very thankful for this opportunity which gave me new friendships, new perspectives and new impulses about culture, religion and food. I still dream about Lotek and Jus alpucat and I am continuously in search for tempe in Norway.”

Master thesis

Hanne Mork Hamre was a student in Geography with Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Master student mobility to UGM / Intern at Research Centre for Politics and Government (March-June 2019)