“Studying next to experienced researchers at the POLGOV institute in Yogyakarta was really a great experience. It was especially valuable as they possessed ties and had established trust with informants that otherwise would be unreachable. Doing fieldwork for my master’s thesis would be impossible without their help, guiding, and ties to relevant information holders. Following the researchers conducting fieldwork also provided a huge learning outcome of how to behave in an ethical manner as a researcher, in addition to crucial insights regarding the matters investigated. Besides the educational outcome of living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the people at POLGOV in themselves should be a reason to experience studying at UGM. The researchers were welcoming and helpful from day one, and made it possible to explore some of the true Indonesian cultures. I would truly recommend it to everyone!”

Master thesis

Frida Meling Jacobsen was a student in Geography with Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Master student mobility to UGM / Intern at Research Centre for Politics and Government (March-June 2019)