“Internship with CitRes allows me to explore more into the energy transition to biofuel by palm oil in Indonesia, and it also allows me to have a deeper understanding to the industry development and its impact to environment and local society. This project also provided me lots of assistances in finding connections for fieldworks and interviews, and the POLGOV also leads me to deep forest in Riau to collect more accurate data. Although I had the internship during COVID, my thesis won’t be completed without Professor Nanang, Kiki, and colleagues from POLGOV whom provide me lots of information and assistances for not just visa but also everything for my fieldwork. The amazing fieldwork is also a very amazing and interesting experience because I experienced not just a completely different culture but also very hospitality people! Besides that, I also had a fieldtrip with CitRes to the largest oil production area in Indonesia, and it’s a very valuable experience for me because I learned how the natural resource was extracted and managed. Highly recommended for you if you want to learn something new outside of EU!”

Chun-Hsiang Wang was a student in MSc Globalization and Sustainable Development, Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Master student mobility to UGM / Fieldwork and thesis writing associated with Research Centre for Politics and Government (March-April 2022)