Carbonscapes at a Critical Conjuncture – Networks, Territory, and Transformation in the Oil and Gas Sector (CARBONSCAPES) is a collaborative research between NTNU and UGM. It sets out to out to investigate the trajectories, processes, and consequences of transformations in global oil and gas production networks for different territories that are plugged into and have had a long-standing connection to the networks. Through a multi-case study approach, the aim of the project is to investigate and compare shifting network-territory relationships in the UK, Norway, and Indonesia.

The research draw upon a variegated capitalism approach. UK, Norway, and Indonesia all have a long-standing presence in global oil and gas production networks, however the institutions, actors, and power dynamics mediating territory-network relationships in these countries are of a different character and have resulted in different development trajectories. Thinking through the variegated capitalism approach, the research intends to investigate how the different institutional foundations in these countries (neo-liberal, coordinated, and developmental market economy) shapes the dynamics of network-territory
transformations and the implications of these dynamics for employment, economic diversification, and low-carbon transitions in these countries.

Contact person: Alexander Dodge, NTNU –