“Studying at NTNU for one semester was really a great and valuable experience to me. I’ve known for a long time from what I read in books that Norway has big ambitions in tackling the climate change issue, but seeing firsthand evidence of this ambition amazed me. The experience I gained from the Citres program allowed me to overcome my pessimism about the issue of climate change as a climate researcher. I also got to know the very cool concept of “friluftsliv” which provides a new perspective in looking at humans and landscape by doing lots of activities in nature such as hiking (I had first hiking in my life in Norway at Storheia ). Apart from that, through this program I have also learned a lot about myself, become more independent, and earned social skills by overcoming fear of interacting socially, especially with people from different backgrounds.

Living in Norway is a dream come true, I experienced my first snow and northern lights. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience skiing and snowboarding while there. So please, take me back to Norway!”

Amelia Fitri is a student of the Master of Geography – Regional Climate Modeling program in Universitas Gadjah Mada. She joined one-semester master student exchange at NTNU during Autumn semester 2023.